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buddha on the beach
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Buddha on the Beach* comprises three large interactive installations, two live performances, and twelve works of visual and video art by contemporary Taiwanese artists. In tribute to Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s 1976 opera *Einstein on the Beach*, the scenography is designed as a global space, aiming to provoke dialogue between the individual works while preserving the autonomy of each. It also adapts Buddhism’s “Six Realms of Karmic Rebirth” of Hell, Hungry Ghosts (great craving and eternal starvation), Beasts (stupidity and servitude), Asura (jealousy and constant war), Humans and Deva (heavenly pleasure) as metaphors for the complex changes and global crises. The exhibition offers a poetic glimpse of the current world and invites the viewer to reflect on our current crises and the need to invent new path for humanity.


September’s Work 2012

This is a test of one day's luck. Every morning, I drive to my studio and I do not know how many red traffic lights I will encounter on the way. If I am lucky, it might just take fifteen minutes. If I run into traffic jams, my daily work will be delayed for more than two minutes. That’s why I shoot a video of my drive to work every morning, overla

No Place to Live

Where can we go? Where else can we go? What more can we see in the present world, if we do not have a future? Is the road ahead as rugged as the road travelled? Who can I ask? Who can give me an answer? Where can I return to, if I am make my way home? It is a home with no one waiting for me—a home without a sense of belonging. I witness the world tumbl

Self- Destruction for Eternity

Who decides who is good or evil? Who decides who lives or dies? Who will be the next victim? The calm before the storm: is it an illusion? Or are there dark realities and tragic flaws hidden behind the scenes? Self-Destruction for Eternity uses the engine of a videogame to record and remix images, and explore violent elements of nature and human behaviour.